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Falcon University™
Author Portal Beta

Become an Author for the biggest radiology community in the world!

Horos Mobile™ is the best mobile DICOM viewer in the world!

With so many amazing features like photorealistic Volume Rendering, 3D MPR and so much more, it has become the go-to app when it comes to reviewing medical images, educating patients, and teaching students. Our community grows stronger and bigger every day. We have thousands of users from all around the world.

We believe that the best way to learn is by practicing and testing your skills. So we are announcing a new feature called: ‘Interesting Cases’ and a new section in the app called: ‘Falcon University™’.


Interesting Cases, is a tool that features a selection of cases and quizzes submitted by the members of our community, that are specifically designed to help you enhance your experience in radiology.

Device Compatibility

To become an Author at the Falcon University™ you will need an iPad or a Mac running the latest iPadOS and MacOS software. 

Getting Started with Authoring cases

Make your cases stand out with Horos Mobile™ and reach thousands of users!

The first thing you need is to create your Falcon University™ account. 

Go to the Horos Mobile™ app and Register your account. 

Next, get in touch with us, send us your CV and submit your interest in becoming an Author!

Once your account has been activate you are ready to start creating your cases!

It's as easy as 1-2-3

Step 1 - Create a New case


Step 2 - Add your case's details


Step 3 - Submit your case for review

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