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A Modern DICOM Viewer

Horos Mobile™ is a DICOM medical image viewer for iOS devices.


With this app, you’re no longer confined to your office or required to be near your computer to read medical images. You can access, view and manipulate DICOM images from your iOS devices, including iPhone and iPad, anywhere and at any time.


Horos Mobile™ displays DICOM format images from all modalities including ultrasound, CT scanner, MRI, PET, etc. 


Includes easy-to-use processing tools including MPR, Split screen, WW/WL, ROI measurements etc.


Designed specifically for touch screen enabled devices, Horos Mobile™ provides a great user experience when viewing DICOM images.

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Horos Mobile™ has been developed and funded exclusively by iCat Solutions Ltd and currently is distributed for a nominal subscription free of just $1 per month!

More than 2,500 man-hours have been dedicated to developing this app so far.

We appreciate the help and support of ALL our users around the world!

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