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Falcon Mx

(Formerly known as Horos Mobile)

iPad & iPhone DICOM Viewer

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Falcon Mx™ is the world's best DICOM viewer. Using the latest technologies offers amazing performance boosts and graphics. An incredible range of tools for post-processing images in 2D and 3D, makes Falcon Mx™ an invaluable tool for professionals who want cutting-edge technology integrated in their workflow.

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The Future of DICOM Viewers

Falcon Mx is a DICOM image viewer designed for the needs of modern mobile devices (iPhone/iPad) and mac computers.

It allows users to store, organize, view, or share their medical images, for health record-keeping purposes*.


Falcon Mx displays DICOM format images from all modalities including ultrasound, CT scanner, MRI, PET, etc. 


Includes easy-to-use processing tools:

  • Volume Rendering (VR)

  • 3D MPR

  • 2D MPR

  • Split screen

  • WW/WL

  • ROI measurements etc.


Designed specifically for Mac and touch screen enabled devices,

Falcon Mx provides a great user experience when viewing DICOM images.

Falcon Mx runs natively on Apple Silicon chips with amazing rendering speeds!

* Intended Use: Falcon Mx (iOS, iPadOS and macOS)  is not CE- or FDA-certified and SHOULD NOT be used for primary diagnosis. It is for informational purposes only and not intended for diagnostic use.

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Falcon Mx (formerly known as Horos Mobile) has been developed and funded exclusively by iCat Solutions Ltd and currently is distributed for a nominal subscription of just $2.5 per month*!

More than 10,000 man-hours have been dedicated to developing this app so far.

We appreciate the help and support of ALL our users around the world!

Horos Mobile™ trademark

Horos Mobile™ is a trademark and the exclusive property of iCat Solutions Ltd, a company registered in the UK. The use of the Horos Mobile trademark is protected by common law as well as by U.K. and international treaties. You may not use the Horos Mobile mark to identify or refer to any version of Horos Mobile that is not certified by iCat Solutions Ltd as an authorized version of the software unless otherwise authorized in writing by iCat Solutions Ltd.

Authorized usage of the Horos Mobile mark should be indicated as follows:
Horos Mobile™

* when selecting the annual plan 

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